The Vimy Oaks Legacy Corporation (VOLC) volunteers and partners are recognized below. I am grateful for the contribution of our volunteers and partners who embraced our projects in France and Canada and gave unselfishly of their time. For some, it was over 5 years.

Management Team

  • Monty McDonald, President and CEO, Repatriation Project Manager
  • Colonel (Retired) Ralph Coleman, Director Government, Media, and Public Relations
  • Robert Domoney, VP Logistics & Systems and Manager of Trees for Canada Sales
  • Robin McDonald, Director Legal and Secretary
  • James Wakefield, Treasurer and CFO


  • The Vimy Foundation (TVF): Christopher Sweeney (Chairman), Jeremy Diamond (Executive Director), Caitlin Baily (Executive Director)
  • Scarborough Chinese Baptist Church: Scott Bissell (Outreach Pastor), Philip Jeung (Facilities Manager), Deacons Board


  • Canada: John McKay, MP Scarborough Guildwood, (VOLC’s “Man on the Hill”)
  • France: Mayor Pierre Senechal, Town of Givenchy en Gohelle (local community support, zoning approvals, resource people)

Horticulture and Forestry

  • Ed Lawrence (radio personality, advisor, connector)
  • NVK Nursery team: Case Vanderkruk (Owner Manager), Caitlin Ayling (Propagation Manager), Andrew Barbour (Nurseryman), Peter Werder (Logistics Manager tree sales), Tracey Tigchelaar (Sales orders and Accounting)
  • Les Pépinières de France: Bruno Picard (Owner Montferrat Nursery, France), Cécile Duval (les Pépinières Sales Manager)
  • Commonwealth War Graves Commission: Gareth Hardware (Director Horticulture N.W. Europe)
  • Landscape Ontario: Tony Di Giovanni (Executive Director), Paul Brydges (Past President, Director Highway of Heroes)
  • Landscape New Brunswick & PEI: Jim Landry (Executive Director, Distribution Manager Trees for Maritimes)
  • Foresters: Dr Ron Ayling, Dave Lemkay

Project Planning Design and Construction (*denotes paid contractor)

  • Linda Dicaire (Landscape Architect, Designer of Centennial Park)
  • Dan Normandin (UXO Removal Expert)
  • Patrick Rochet, Director Sécurité Civile for the Pas-de-Calais region (UXO Removal)
  • Christophe Douchet*, Director Séché Eco Services (UXO Removal)
  • Alan Ward (Construction Cost Engineering)
  • Ludovic Bulourde* (Project Manager, SNB Colas)
  • Chantel Pradines (Advisor France landscape design standards)

French Connection

  • Charles Nemeth (Our Man on the Ground in France trouble shooting with contractors and government officials)
  • Francoise Briche (oversight on Centennial Park site clearance and construction, tree delivery logistics for ONF and local towns)
  • Marguerite Savidant (French translation services)

Artistic Elements

  • Marlene Hilton Moore (Sculpture of the Bugler statue Centennial Park)

Website & Promotion

  • Andrew Thauer (design, implementation and maintenance of Website)
  • Glen Loates (artwork for VOLC logo and honourarium prints)
  • Michael Loates (computer graphic design of VOLC Logo)
  • Sarah & Christopher Loates (design & printing of honourarium materials)

Special Acknowledgement

In heartfelt gratitude to my wife, MaryAnne, who was with me every step of the way, being supportive, keeping me on the critical path and coming up with unique ideas, while putting her life on hold so my dream could be fulfilled.

Monty McDonald, President VOLC

Monty McDonald's Signiture