The Battle of Vimy Ridge in northern France, April 9th to 12th, 1917 is considered to be one of the defining events in the history of our nation.

The Vimy Oaks Legacy Corporation is a not-for-profit corporation. It is made up of volunteers promoting the memory and legacy of Canadians who fought in the First World War through the planting of “Vimy Oak” saplings that are descendants of acorns gathered after the Battle of Vimy Ridge and planted in Canada by a Canadian soldier, Lieutenant Leslie Miller.

We have now fulfilled our two fold mission which was to create living memorials by:

  1. repatriating “Vimy Oak” saplings (French oaks – Quercus robur) to Vimy Ridge in 2018, and
  2. distributing commemorative “Vimy Oak” saplings across Canada.
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The Vimy Ridge battlefield, northern France, April 1917 (by – Adam Moran, Victoria Goodwin and Sarah Toole)".

Vimy Ridge Centennial Celebrations

For information about the Vimy Ridge Centennial celebrations that took place at the Canadian National Vimy Memorial Historic Site, France, in April 2017, please go to The Vimy Foundation website.