Features of the Centennial Park

The design was done by Linda Dicaire, Landscape Architect and VOLC volunteer.

  • 4 sided field covering 1.8 hectares.
  • Low circular wall and hedges enclosing a 100m diameter Vimy Oaks grove symbolizing 100 years (1917-2017) of remembrance with circular paths providing universal access and seating.
  • The grove: 4 concentric circles of trees forming allées : 1 circle for each Canadian Division who fought at Vimy.
  • Large circular gathering place at the heart of the grove.
  • Path with axial view to the Vimy Memorial (view corridor).
  • Symbolic of a journey from darkness, death and despair (narrow) to light, life and hope (wide).
  • View corridor captures the morning sun rising behind the Vimy Memorial on November 11th.
  • Statue of Bugler donated by Canadian sculpter Marlene Hilton Moore stands beside the View Corridor.
  • Welcome area outside wall with pairs of Vimy Oaks representing the friendships formed between soldiers and between nations.
  • In Memoriam and Donor recognition wall.
  • Paved apron on D55(road) invites pedestrians and permits links to a future Liaison Douce (pathway) from Givenchy-en-Gohelle.
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Centennial Park Concept Design
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Vimy Foundation Centennial Park Opening Nov 9 2018. View Corridor Points to the memorial.

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November 11: sunrise looking down view corridor captures the Memorial and Bugler statue.
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Artist’s concept 2040: mature Vimy Oaks and the view corridor to the memorial.