Vimy Oaks Legacy has partnered with NVK Nurseries in Dundas, Ontario.  Since January 2015, NVK  has been growing oaks from cuttings and acorns collected from the Scarborough site, that are direct descendants of the English oaks (Quercus robur) destroyed during the Battle of Vimy Ridge in April 1917.

These oak saplings have been offered for sale since 2017 to organizations that are committed to planting them at commemorative sites such as cenotaphs, town squares, memorial sites and parks, heritage sites, schools, military cemeteries and sites, Royal Canadian Legions, public locations associated with World War One and at sites that communicate messages of universal values and peace.

In addition, starting in 2018, Vimy Oaks Legacy is offering for sale these descendant oak saplings to be planted at private sites throughout Canada.

The purchase price is a $125 fee to recover administration and nursery costs plus a variable freight cost from Dundas, Ontario to the shipped destination. HST of 13% will be added to the total price.

The administrative costs will help cover the cost of growing and planting saplings in France. Funds from the sale of saplings that are in excess of Vimy Oaks Legacy costs will be donated to The Vimy Foundation to assist in the construction costs of The Vimy Foundation Centennial Park which will be located adjacent to the lands of the Canadian National Vimy Memorial in northern France.

PLEASE NOTE: The Vimy Oaks provided are of the species “Quercus robur”. Published literature states that they should be planted in hardiness zones (HZ) of 5a or higher. However, there are oaks of this species that have survived in HZ 4a and 4b with adequate winter protection. Applications from locations in Hardiness Zones 3b and lower will be rejected.

To obtain an application to purchase a commemorative sapling, see below.

“Vimy Oak” Acorns
Climbing a “Vimy Oak” to get cuttings
“Vimy Oaks” growing at NVK Nurseries, Dundas, Ontario

Buy a Commemorative Vimy Oak Sapling

To request an application form to purchase a Vimy Oak sapling, simply email R. Domoney at